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Finally, a safe natural technology for assesing breast health...

Stop Wondering.

       Start Knowing.



Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging​

A No Compression, No Radiation, Non-invasive Technology 

With Infrared Heat Imaging It Is Now Possible to See: 


  • The formation of angiogenesis years in advance 
        (new blood vessel growth)
  • Indications of hormonal imbalances
  • Symmetry imbalances
  • Vascular circulation increase
  • Metabolic activity increase 
  • Without any pain, radiation or compression
  • A non-complicated or expensive procedure
  • FDA cleared as a safe and effective non-invasive adjunct to mammography
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Why Choose 
The accuracy of your thermogram is the direct result of  the accuracy of the equipment and the professional training of your technician 
  • We perform our Thermograms using State of the Art cameras and software
  • We have strict protocols and standards to ensure consistently accurate imaging
  • All of our Thermograms are interpreted by a Board Certified Thermologist
  • Our Board Certified Thermologist, Dr. William Amalu who will read your thermogram is a world renown Breast Thermologist for over 25 years
  • Screenings performed by female Certified Thermographic Technician
  • We are members of and regulated by IACT, the International Academy of Clinical Thermology
Advanced Thermal Imaging Services
thermal breasts.JPG
  • The complete 5 infrared color thermal breast scans with 5 additional white hot reverse gray 
  • The Thyroid Assessment 3 Image Infrared Thermal Scan
  • Scans Interpreted by Board Certified Clinical Thermologist
  • Complete written analysis report
  • Doctor consultation
  •  See more >>
State of the Art
reverse gray.PNG
  • FDA approved

  • Detects slightest temperature differences

  • Highest resolution for the most accurate measurements

  • Color thermal images & white hot reverse gray showing dramatically different information

  •  See more >>

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