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  • A procedure that may detect first signs of physical problems in the breast years earlier than is possible using other tests


  • FDA Approved since 1982 as an adjunct to mammogram


  • Safe for everyone; no radiation or compression is used


Thermography or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a preventative, non-invasive imaging technology that can detect the physiologic changes of the breast by detecting abnormal heat and blood vessel changes (angiogenesis) produced by a diseased breast tissue. Certain thermographic signs may also suggest the effects of an imbalance of hormones. 


Thermography can be your "first alert" that physical changes may be developing in the breast. Caught in this early stage, a woman may be able to lower her risk by making diet, lifestyle and hormonal modifications. Thermography plays a significant role in breast health monitoring.

All Thermograms are read by a Board Certified Thermologist, Dr. William Amalu, industry leader in the field for over 25 years. 


Learn more by visiting his website and reading case studies at


Thermography is an effective means to help in the monitoring of:
  • Benign Breast Tumor
  • Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Breast Mastitis
  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease
  • Monitoring Breast Cancer Treatment

Thermography is safe even for women who:
  • Have undergone breast surgery including augmentation, reduction, or mastectomy
  • Have dense breast tissue which can make mammograms hard to interpret
  • Want to take proactive care starting as early as their 20’s   
         (15% of all breast cancers occur in women under 45)
  • ALL WOMEN who wish to have peace of mind and take proactive care of their breast health without the harmful effects of radiation




This short informative video explains

it well watch this

  • We perform our Thermograms using state of the art cameras and software
  • We are members of and regulated by IACT, the International Academy of Clinical Thermology
  • We have strict protocols and standards
  • All of our Thermograms are interpreted by a Board Certified Thermologist
  • Our Board Certified Thermologist, Dr. William Amalu is a specialist in Breast Thermography for over 25 years
  • Screenings performed by female Certified Thermographic Technicians
What is Full Body Thermography?


Thermography is completely safe, painless, and extremely effective, not requiring radiation or contact with any body tissues. It has proved helpful in the adjunctive assessment of  diabetes, headaches, neck and back problems, arthritis, soft tissue injury, and other physical problems. 


Full Body infrared imaging has been able to help patients with chronic pain who have had treatment with little or no relief who may have been treated for the wrong condition. Infrared imaging has helped patients get to the cause of their condition so that proper treatment can be rendered.













Infrared imaging detects altered heat patterns emanating from the surface of the body as the result of disturbed neurochemical feedbank signals. This allows us to look at how the body is functioning.


Thermography provides one of the most important imaging procedures available to be able to warn you in advance of symptoms that one or more problems may be developing.

Notice: The diagnosis of breast disease should never be determined by any single test.  Thermography is a physiological test and is not represented as a stand-alone test for the diagnosis of breast disease and does not replace mammogram or any other anatomical test.  Any suspicious outcome will result in a recommendation for further testing.


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